Client Testimonials

Rapid Response!

“I am very impressed with the attention and rapid response to my credit situation. Charlie stayed on the phone with me and talked me through several scenarios to help improve my credit. Next step is to talk business credit. Thanks, Charlie, Thanks, Phoenix Credit Consultants”

– Salvatore C.

All Of This Is Because Of YOUR Help!

You’ve been so awesome, I wanted to share this. We got approved by a local bank to buy the house we want – now all we have to do is sell ours!!! All of this is because of YOUR HELP! You have been phenomenal and I am truly thankful.

– Jen H.

I Couldn’t Be More Pleased

Phoenix Credit Consultants did everything they say they can do and more. I needed to repair years of bad credit, so after researching a few different companies and getting a very good referral from a friend about PCC, I went ahead with the process. It’s been about six months and I’ve gone from a credit score in the high-500s to over 700. I couldn’t be more pleased. I recommend them to everyone I know with credit issues.

John K.

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They Went Above And Beyond

Phoenix Credit Consultants was an unbelievable help. Not only did they assist me with all of my needs, they went above and beyond for me. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone, and will utilize them again in the future.

PCC Has Helped My Clients

Your credit score can have a major impact not only on your ability to get a loan but on your interest rate as well.  If you need a little help understanding and working on your credit, I highly recommend Phoenix Credit Consultants.  They have been tremendously helpful to some of my friends and clients.

Christine E., Mortgage Professional

You Are Awesome!

Wow! Thank you so much for all of your help. I never thought I would be at this point so quickly! You do a great job and I have already been talking you up to friends and family! So thank you for all of your hard work and helping me get to this point. You are awesome!

Jacob B.

Professional, Personable, and Understanding

Recently I received a FICO score from my credit card company, showing the score dropped 9 points in one month.  I called Phoenix Credit Consultants and spoke with Elise.  She was professional, personable and understanding.  I enjoyed talking with her and, by the end of our conversation, I felt I’d known her a long time.  She answered my questions and assured me there was no problem at this time.  I feel so much better and I am congratulating myself for reaching out to Phoenix Credit Consultants for an opinion.

Kathleen K.

Personalized Service

Thank you, Phoenix Credit Consultants, for providing me with the personalized service I needed to get back on the right financial path. In a short amount of time, my family and I went from renting an apartment to owning a home and we have PCC to thank for that.

Becky M.

Mortgage Ready

Thank you, PCC, for your help on making me mortgage ready. You did everything you said you would.

Bill C.

Exceeding Expectations

I want to thank you so much for all of your help throughout the process of getting my credit better. It would have been so much more difficult if it was not for you! I appreciate you moving my account to just monitoring and saving me some money in the process. We will recommend anyone and everyone who needs help with their credit to seek out your help. You have gone beyond expectations and I could not have asked for a better person to help with our credit. Thank you again!

Tina E.

I love you, man!!

I love you man! I gave your business card out already! If I know of anyone who needs credit help I will refer them to you!

Richard H.

A Loan Officer’s Best Friend

Phoenix Credit Consultants is the best credit repair company I have ever experienced, and the only place I refer my clients!!

Alex Schwent, Vice President and Senior Loan Officer
Pulaski Bank

February, 2015

I Encourage Everyone To Try PCC

I recently had a wonderful experience with Phoenix Credit. During my refinance on my home I had something show up on my credit report that was going to end my chances of qualifying. I called them for help, they were very eager to work with me to help solve my problem. Within less than two weeks the error was resolved and off my credit report. I would not be closing this week without their help. I encourage everyone to try Phoenix should they need help with any type of credit issues.

Melissa L.  – January, 2015

Credit Repaired

I didn’t think I could buy a house after all the debt I racked up over the years.  A friend told me about how PCC helped them out so I gave them a call.  I have since repaired my credit and my family and I bought our dream house.

Michael W. – August 2013

Collection Removed

My daughter received a parking ticket and didn’t pay it. It showed up on my credit and prevented me from purchasing a new home.  PCC was able to remove the collection from my credit and I was then able to get approved for my new home.

Rachel J. – August 2013