Important Credit Facts

How is my FICO score calculated?

It is calculated from several different pieces of data in your credit report.  Here is a link to the FICO website that will explain the model in detail.

How long does it take for my score to recover?

Depends on your score, a good rule of thumb is the lower your credit score the longer it takes to recover. We can estimate a time frame for you once we conduct a thorough review of your credit report.

Can I repair my own credit?

Yes. Yes you can repair your own credit just like you can repair your own car…sometimes it’s better to leave things to the experts. We have years of experience and the knowledge to restore your credit efficiently and effectively.

Is there a guarantee that my credit scores will go up?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your scores will increase. Your credit restoration depends on your participation and the participation of the credit bureaus, but with our many years of experience we know we will be successful.

Is credit repair expensive?

NO!  The benefits of repairing your credit score and history far outweigh the cost when you consider the thousands of dollars you will lose due to high interest rates. In fact the cost of restoring your credit is less per month than your cell phone bill and it will save you tens of thousands of dollars over time.

Is credit repair legal?

Yes, the Credit Repair Organizations Act, legalize credit repair. PCC is licensed by the State of Missouri Division of Finance and is in full compliance of all federal regulations.