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Are You Planning To Buy A New House in 2021?

If you’re planning to buy a new house in 2021, the most important thing that you can do to prepare for that process is to check your credit reports from all three national credit bureaus. (Transunion, Equifax and Experian)   The simplest (and cheapest) way to obtain a recent copy of those reports from all […]

Locus of Control and Your Credit Rating

A study published in The Journal of Behavioral Science in 2008 took a look at the effect of an individual’s personality on their credit rating.  Vanessa Gail Perry (2008) Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: The Psychology of Credit Ratings, Journal of Behavioral Finance, 9:1, 15-21, DOI: 10.1080/15427560801896784. The study found that one of the key factors in having a good credit […]

Can Applying for a Personal Loan Damage Your Credit?

Our President was happy to share his expertise about the “credit history” component of credit scores for this article. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about credit scores or “mortgage ready credit.” (314) 429-2040. Best Company Magazine: “Will My Credit Score Be Negatively Impacted If I Apply For A Personal […]

Holiday Credit Tip Sheet

Holiday Credit Tip Sheet   Credit Cards and Credit Card Utilization   One of the primary factors that go into computing your credit score is “Credit Card Utilization.” In its simplest terms, credit utilization is a fraction. The amount of credit that you have available to you on credit cards is the bottom half (or […]

Credit Bureau VIP Files

It has long been rumored that each of the three national credit bureaus maintains a list of consumers they identify as “VIP” files. A TransUnion employee once testified in a deposition: Q: And some references have been made in prior cases to maybe a VIP category. Is there such a category? [… ] For […]

Eclipsing The Competition

Our competition aggressively competes with us for your credit restoration business. Those competitors spend incredible sums of money on advertising and/or trying to “buy” leads from loan officers and realtors. We just spend our money on performing. So, how is it that Phoenix has eclipsed these companies as lenders’ and realtors’ preferred source for client […]

Restoring Your Credit-Nothing is Impossible (The Cubs and Indians are Playing in The World Series!)

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians for winning their respective league’s Championship Series and earning the right to face off against each other in the World Series. As a lifelong fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, it is somewhat difficult for me to offer congratulations to the team from Chicago’s Northside, the […]

The Shamrock and your Credit Score

  The “wearing of the green” is a customary part of the celebration of St Patrick’s Day. A look around your workplace today will likely reveal many of your co-workers sporting green clothing and accessories. Both the clothing and accessories are likely to include shamrocks, one of the national symbols of Ireland. St Patrick is […]

Does a loan officer have a duty to disclose receipt of a “referral fee” from a credit repair company?

Some credit repair companies obtain their customers by paying “referral fees” to loan officers who have turned those customers down for a loan. By necessity, a credit repair company passes those fees on to their credit repair clients. That’s how business works. That creates a potential pitfall for a referring loan officer. They, and by […]

What a week!

This week ended on such a high note! Beyond the daily successes, we have two really great stories to share! 1. We successfully raised a client’s credit score by 89 POINTS in under FIVE WEEKS! 2. One of our clients obtained mortgage approval after just 35 days in our program! We’re so proud of the work […]

Tune In This Sunday!

We’re back! Tune in at 3:00 pm CST this Sunday, February 21st to hear PCC on The Gerald Realty Show on 550 KTRS! We love being a part of this group of experts! Topics this week include why we don’t recommend “do it yourself” credit repair!

Your Rights Regarding the Reporting of Your Credit

The Fair Credit Reporting Act was enacted by Congress in October 1970. It was designed to provide protection for consumers against abuses from the credit reporting companies. (There are three big national companies: Equifax, Transunion and Experian.) One of the purposes of the law was to level the playing field between consumers and the credit reporting companies. Under […]

Million Dollar Monday

Nothing excites us more than when we send one of our clients off to their mortgage loan officer “mortgage ready” with their credit restored. Our 2016 got off to an amazing start when a group of our restored clients closed on new home loans last week which collectively had a value of in excess of […]

Your New Year’s Resolution

Keys to achieving your New Year’s Resolution 1. Make Only One Resolution – Research shows, your chances of success are greater when you channel your energy into changing just one aspect of your life. What better part of your life is there to improve than your credit?  Better credit brings opportunity to your life. The opportunity to […]

We’re hiring!!

Can you sell? Are you interested in learning how to sell? Do you want to help people reach their full financial potential? Do you want to be a part of an awesome and growing company? You’ve come to the right place! Our corporate culture is young and progressive. We allow our staff to  create their […]

Veteran’s Discount

  In an effort to acknowledge and reward the sacrifices made by our military veterans and their families, Phoenix Credit Consultants has humbly offered a “Veteran’s Discount” to our new customers who are presently serving in our armed forces or who have honorably completed such service. This offer remains available to qualifying customers from now […]

U.S. Active Military & Veterans Credit Program

Phoenix Credit Consultants proudly presents this exclusive offer to United States Military Veterans: As the days begin to grow shorter and we approach Veterans Day, Phoenix Credit Consultants and our affiliate partners are reminded of our indebtedness to the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom. In an effort to acknowledge […]

When Is A Credit Score Not a Credit Score?

When is a credit score not a credit score? Many times our clients are anxious to tell us about their credit scores – which seem to be available everywhere. We encourage consumers to obtain their credit reports on a regular basis, if for no other reason to make sure everything on it is accurate (that […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Understand How Your Credit Works

Ignorance is not bliss, it’s actually very expensive. Imagine a big warehouse full of all kinds of information about you. Now imagine three of them. (Just so you know, these “warehouses” are data storage facilities – and are updated constantly.) Now whenever you wish to make a major purchase, strangers run your information through a […]

Default Judgments

Showing up is half the battle! Many of the clients we help at Phoenix Credit Consultants have credit problems because of something the legal system refers to as a “default judgment.” In simplest terms, a default judgment is what happens when someone who has been sued in court, for example by a “creditor” does not […]