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Holiday Credit Tip Sheet

Holiday Credit Tip Sheet   Credit Cards and Credit Card Utilization   One of the primary factors that go into computing your credit score is “Credit Card Utilization.” In its simplest terms, credit utilization is a fraction. The amount of credit that you have available to you on credit cards is the bottom half (or […]

Credit Bureau VIP Files

It has long been rumored that each of the three national credit bureaus maintains a list of consumers they identify as “VIP” files. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/05/15/your-money/credit-scores/15credit.html A TransUnion employee once testified in a deposition: Q: And some references have been made in prior cases to maybe a VIP category. Is there such a category? [… ] For […]

Eclipsing The Competition

Our competition aggressively competes with us for your credit restoration business. Those competitors spend incredible sums of money on advertising and/or trying to “buy” leads from loan officers and realtors. We just spend our money on performing. So, how is it that Phoenix has eclipsed these companies as lenders’ and realtors’ preferred source for client […]

All Of This Is Because Of YOUR Help!

You’ve been so awesome, I wanted to share this. We got approved by a local bank to buy the house we want – now all we have to do is sell ours!!! All of this is because of YOUR HELP! You have been phenomenal and I am truly thankful. – Jen H.

Happy Holidays! Give Yourself the Gift of Good Credit!

This post was featured in the Huffington Post on 12/2/2016. December is upon us. Christmas and Chanukah decorations have appeared throughout our neighborhoods and many of us have faced the bad news that stepping on the scale delivered after the Thanksgiving feast. Some of us have already completed our shopping for Holiday gifts, taking advantage […]

Don’t Let Divorce Devastate Your Credit

This post was recently featured in The Huffington Post. The ending of a marriage is a difficult process for everyone involved. Even if you are the one who “wants’ the divorce, it can be difficult to watch the impact it has on all those that it touches. If your spouse doesn’t want to be divorced, […]