About PCC


PCC has a team of credit repair experts who have worked to help consumers just like you for over 20 years.  Our long-term commitment to our clients is what differentiates us from every other company.

We Understand

The issues that got you here are as unique as you are.  We can help!  At PCC, you work with a non-judgmental counselor who will listen to your particular situation, identify priorities, and design a personalized plan to fix it.  Our supportive staff and easy to follow maintenance plans are efficient and affordable.  By breaking the big goals down into small steps, you will understand what needs to happen and you will see progress right away.  The key to success is support.  With PCC, you have a personal coach to help you stay on track.

Good credit is possible

If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or misrepresented contact PCC today for immediate support.  We are the ONLY credit repair company with YOUR goals in mind.